Saturday, January 28, 2017

Lifestyles of the Lady

I am super excited to start my new blog today! I can't wait to share with like minded people about the roles and responsibilities of a woman in the home.
Don't for a second think I don't know a lot of women don't agree... this is the reason I started this blog. I would hope and pray that the ones who don't agree wouldn't even take the time to read, or if they do, they will respect the fact that I am a woman living the life that I want and am most proud of!!
I recently quit my job of 20 years to be a stay at home mom and domestic goddsss! (I'm still working on the latter but hopefully with help and input from readers I'll be as awesome as Martha Stewart! Haha
I homeschool my daughter and try to raise her with good Christian values. I recognize my husbands role as the godly leader in our home and am proud to honor him by keeping a clean home, making dinner, and anything else I can do!
Join me on my journey to domestication!
#notanastywoman #realladiesarenotnasty #happywife #domesticgoddess